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Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline is a summertime playground, attracting overseas visitors as well as native Bulgarians. Since the 1960s, the coastline has been developed for mass tourism with sophisticated mega-complexes and holiday villages popping up over the years. If you prefer the less beaten track however, the coastal city of Varna offers scenic respite. A port city and famed for its “Gold of Varna”, 6,000-year-old Thracian jewelry discovered in a necropolis, Varna, with its subtropical climate, makes for highly a desirable stay. In the city centre you’ll find the country’s largest Roman baths complex, alongside an incredibly lively restaurant scene.
Varna is also the ideal base for day trips to adjacent beach resorts such as Sveti Konstantin and Golden Sands. Sveti Konstantin is a sedate and less commercial beach resort than its neighbours, offering hotels delightfully spaced out amongst parkland alongside its alluring golden strip of sand and shore.