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Hamburg Travel Information

On a visit to Hamburg, you’ll find a pretty network of canals, bridges, boulevards and lakes, in this bustling city that is the commercial and cultural heart of northern Germany. With a long and interesting history, and plenty of galleries, museums, theatres, sporting events, and of course world class shopping, Hamburg makes a fantastic destination for a weekend break.

Germany’s second largest city can be found at the southern end of the Jutland peninsula, with Denmark to the north, the Baltic Sea to the east, the North Sea to the west, and the rest of continental Europe to the south. Located where the Rivers Elbe and Alster meet, and with two lakes within the city itself, it is perhaps not surprising that Hamburg is one of Europe’s largest ports, second only to Rotterdam.

Eating out in Hamburg
As well as the good selection of international cuisine available, there are also some traditional Hamburg dishes that you might like to try. Bohn, Peern un Speck is one such dish consisting of runner beans cooked with pears and bacon; Lapskaus, a mixture of corned beef, mashed potatoes and beetroot; or Finkwarder Scholl, pan fried plaice.

Exploring Hamburg
With grand merchants’ houses and sweeping promenades, Hamburg has a cosmopolitan feel. Visit the surprisingly pretty warehouse district or take a boat trip along one of the many canals. Spend a day at Hamburg port or take a tour of St Michael’s church – Hamburg’s most famous landmark. With a large number of parks and gardens, Hamburg is Germany’s greenest city.