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Krakow Travel Information

Krakow is a bustling university town that offers a warm welcome to all who visit. Remarkably the majority of the medieval Old Town survived the Second World War, and it is here that most people choose to start their exploration of the town. The medieval market square, Rynek Glowny sits in its heart. Visit Kazimierz district, where you will discover Krakow’s strong Jewish heritage. Krakow is dominated by Wawel Hill and its castle, once the residence of Pope John Paull II. From the top of the hill there are lovely views out across the whole of Krakow. Perhaps to be expected in a university town, there is no shortage of places in which to enjoy a drink, and there are lots of restaurants with local specialities including bigos (sauerkraut, onion and sausage), pierogi (a type of ravioli) or sliwki (plums in chocolate). There are also some great shops to explore, with silver and amber jewellery, leather and wooden goods especially good buys. This charming town is well worth discovering!